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Newcomer Program

Rudsdale Newcomer Vision

Rudsdale Newcomer High School students recognize their resiliency and strengths as multilingual participants in our community, and are equipped with the academic tools necessary to advocate for healthy, productive, and stimulating lives in the United States.

Rudsdale Newcomer Mission

Rudsdale Newcomer is a full service community school that provides a safe haven and an alternative educational experience through the following 4 pillars:

  • English Language Development  
    • Students build fluency in spoken and written English in order to communicate clearly and broaden opportunities for career and academic advancement.
  • Holistic Individualized Support
    • Students are nurtured with wrap around supports for their individual academic and social emotional needs along with the self advocacy tools and resources needed to navigate the complicated systems in the U.S.
  • Cultivating Lifelong Learners
    • Staff pushes against traditional methodology, creating revolutionary pedagogy for newcomer students. Students deepen their curiosity about the world through projects that flex individual creativity and build social emotional capacity.
  • Career Exploration
    • Our program offers opportunities that include tailored internships, vocational skills training, and other out of classroom experiences to broaden career possibilities.